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MoreSolds FAQ

Have questions about MoreSolds. Here are some of our most frequently asked questions. Need more help, don't hesitate to contact us.

Contact Manager FAQs
Will you be adding more features?
Yes! We are constantly adding new features to MoreSolds.

Is my information secure?
Yes, your information is secure. MoreSolds utilizes the latest technology to safeguard your information.  MoreSolds continually assesses new technologies to protect your information.

Will your product synchronize with Microsoft Outlook?
Initially, our product will not synchronize with Microsoft Outlook, due to licensing and copyright restrictions. This may be a future upgrade.

How can I help spread the word about MoreSolds?
Tell your fellow real estate agents, team members, and colleagues about MoreSolds CRM by utilizing this Tell A Friend link. ALSO you can become a MoreSolds Affiliate and earn monthly residual income. For more information go to

Can I import names from another contact manager or data list?
Yes, you can import your contacts directly into MoreSolds. In order to do this, you must first export the contacts from your current contact manager, format the data into a MoreSolds template, and then import the list into MoreSolds. This process is not hard to do. Instructions on how to import your contacts is available in the User's Guide (available in the help section of your account).

Can I customize the fields in Contact Type and Contact Status?
Customizable fields in Contacts:

Now you can customize your Contact Types, Contact Status and Contact Groups. You can add/delete/edit these fields at any time. (Used by Account Owner Only). See the new Release Notes for 2.0 Beta Features on the site or click on the following link: Release Notes for The Beta 2.0 Features only

Can I add additional fields?
Additional Fields:

Subscribers now have the ability to add 10 additional customizable fields in a contact record. These fields allow you to further personalize your MoreSolds experience. (Used by Account Owner Only). See the new Release Notes for 2.0 Beta Features on the site or click on the following link: Release Notes for The Beta 2.0 Features only

Can I print mailing labels for my contacts?
Print Labels:
Point and click to print labels in a variety of Avery label formats. You can print labels for multiple contacts or for a single contact. Also, you can print the starting label from any position on the label sheet to prevent waste. See the new Release Notes for 2.0 Beta Features on the site or click on the following link: Release Notes for The Beta 2.0 Features only

I have several team members who need access to the system. How does the team access work?
You can add up to 10 additional users, each with their own user names and passwords.

Can I restrict my team members to certain levels of access to MoreSolds?
Definable User Permission Levels:

Now you can define the level of your additional users on up to four different levels. Some levels allow users to see and edit all other user’s contacts while the most basic level allows them to view only their own. See the new Release Notes for 2.0 Beta Features on the site or click on the following link: Release Notes for The Beta 2.0 Features only

Can I access/view my from my TREO, iPhone, Blackberry or other web enabled cell phone?
YES. Your database can be accessed from any devise that has web access, including the TREO, iPhone, Blackberry, pocket PCs etc.

Can I add a web site capture form that will automatically add contacts to my contact manager and sign them up for the monthly newsletter?
Yes, the newsletter module will soon have a website capture form available. This will be a capture form that can be added to your web site. This is a current initiative.

Who owns the data once entered into MoreSolds database?
The subscriber of the account owns the data. You can export or import contacts at any time. The subscriber can assign different permission levels to each team members to further restrict access to the data and you can add up to 10 additional users with their own user name and password.

Will I ever be billed for the contact management application?
No. Our contact management product is absolutely free for up to 250 contacts. We do not ever intend to charge you for the product unless you decide to add more than 250 contacts. At any time you can upgrade to our premium plan. The premium plan includes unlimited contacts, online document storage, email campaigns, e-Newsletter and showing feedback.

Why is MoreSolds offering a free contact manager?
We are offering a free contact manager product because we feel that the technology currently available to real estate agents is insufficient. Real estate agents need to subscribe to multiple product offerings to have a complete system. Additionally, real estate agents are forced to “double-enter” data in multiple systems to accomplish their marketing goals. We intend to change that. While our core product is free, we do offer modules that snap in to the application to provide a robust online marketing application that extends beyond contact management. It is important to keep in mind that the core contact manager is a robust and highly functional stand-alone application. The optional modules simply allow you to automate many of your marketing functions, which can save you time and money.

Is MoreSolds available for Canadian and International Users?
Currently is available in the United States only. We do plan to add International and Canadian versions later this year.


Newsletter Module FAQs

When do my clients receive the monthly Newsletter?
If you are signed up for the Newsletter Module, all of the clients who you have selected to receive the newsletter will receive it. You can also allow the system to send it out to all of the contacts in your database, by selecting that option in the Newsletter control panel. The monthly newsletter is automatically emailed to your selected contacts between the 1st and 10th of each month.

Can I edit or modify the monthly newsletter?
Yes, you can edit or modify the 'Contact Us' section of your monthly email newsletter at any time. The article content is provided for you. In an effort to make the newsletter as easy-to-use as possible, we have refrained from making it overly customizable. In our research, we have found that the #1 reason for having a monthly newsletter is to have an 'excuse' to 'touch' the client. Surveys repeatedly show that the more you stay in touch with your contacts, the more referrals and repeat business you will generate. Keep in mind that while the content is important, the fact that you are 'touching' the client is far more important. RealtyRave Newsletter allows you to effortlessly stay in touch with your contacts.


Email Campaigns Module FAQs

Can I edit or modify the templates or campaigns?
Yes! You can modify any of the pre-written templates or create your own email templates and campaigns. Complete instructions are available in the MoreSolds User's Guide located in the help section.

Can I Bulk email My Contacts?
About Bulk Email & Bulk Email Campaign ?
Now you can send a bulk email blast to any number of contacts in your MoreSolds database. Also, you can now assign multiple contacts to an email campaign with just a few clicks.

How does Bulk Email work or Bulk Email Campaigns work?
Bulk Email and Bulk Email Campaigns is very simple and easy to use. You must have the Email Campaigns module in order to use the bulk email and bulk email campaign feature. You can add bulk email capabilities to your account by simply adding the Email Campaigns module to your Standard MoreSolds account or by upgrading to a Premium account.

How much does Bulk Email cost?
With Email Campaigns your account includes 1,000 emails at no charge. You can add additional email credits to your account for only $5 per 1000 emails.

For more information on the new Bulk Email features, click here to download the easy two page user guide.


Showings Module FAQs

I sent the showing survey to another agent but she has not responded. Is there a way to resubmit the survey?
The system will automatically send a total of three emails to the showing agent (sent every three days).

Does my seller receive a copy of the Showing Survey?
By default, your seller will receive a completed copy of the showing survey. If you do not want the seller to receive it, simply deselect the Email Completed Survey to Seller box when inputting the showing.

What if my seller does not have email?
If your seller does not have email, you can simply print out the statistical report and mail or fax a copy to the seller.




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