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MoreSolds Features

Complete Online Transaction Manager with Client Login Portal

MoreSolds features an easy-to-use online Transaction Manager. Keep up-to-the-minute on your real estate transactions and keep everyone involved ‘in the loop’.

Keep Track of and View All Closing Parties
The streamlined interface allows you to see everyone involved in the transaction at-a-glance.

You can also see which team members are assigned which tasks. Closing Parties Involved (CPIs) can be any parties who are involved in the transaction. Agents, Inspectors, Title Companies, Attorneys and others can be added as CPIs.

Add Time/Date-Stamped Notes to a Transaction

Add notes to your transactions and keep everyone up to date with what is going on. Save hours of time and stay on task. There is no longer a need for clients, title companies, lenders and agents to call you for a status update. They can log in and check the status 24/7.

Upload and store documents for each transaction on our ultra-secure server

Are you ready to go paperless? Ready to streamline your workflow and get organized? Store your contracts, amendments, surveys, lender docs, short sale packages and more. Word, Publisher, Excel, JPG, TXT and other formats are supported.

Let’s say your title company or short sale lender realizes they need a doc ASAP – and you’re out in the field. No problem. No need to rummage through paper files. No need to kick yourself because you left the file at the office. Your escrow officer can access their transaction account and get what they need, pronto.

You and anyone you authorize will have access to the stored transaction docs. You assign rights to each stored document, so Closing Parties can only see and download the documents you authorize. Best of all, you can access your docs 24/7 from anywhere in the world. Store these docs for years to come, and there’s no need to dig through a storage facility (or your attic) when a client needs something years after closing the transaction.

Keep Track of All Current, Upcoming and Completed Tasks and Add Action Plans

Easily add Action Plans or individual Tasks to a transaction. An Action Plan is a recurring set of tasks or activities. For example, when you set up a contract-to-close or initiate a short sale on a property, you are often performing the same set of tasks each time. Once you set up an Action Plans for the series of tasks you perform, you can assign the Action Plan to a transaction. Each task can be assigned to a different team member.

Send an email blast to any closing parties you wish

With MoreSolds Transaction Manager it’s easy to keep in touch with your CPIs. If you have an important email that needs to go out to all CPIs you can easily email them from within the Transaction Manger.

24/7 Client Access Portal

Keep your clients posted on all the transactions they are involved in. You assign a unique user-name and password to each Closing Party. Buyers, Sellers, Lenders, your Broker, Attorneys, Inspectors and anyone else you assign can have access to their log-in portal. They can only see the documents, tasks, notes and action plans that you allow them to see.

You can invite closing parties to view the transactions they are involved in. Once logged in a contact can view Property Information, Important Dates, Closing Parties info, Notes, Documents and Tasks. They can only view the documents, tasks and notes you give them permission to see.

Closing Parties can access their account by going to and typing in the Login and Password you assign. You can manually assign a Login and password, or allow MoreSolds to assign it automatically.

Snapshot of Leads Features:

Complete Online Transaction Management
Track commissions
Very easy to use
Manage all closing parties
Assign Action Plans to any transaction
24/7 Client Login Portal
Assign login and passwords to any closing party
You decide who can see what
Clients no longer need to call you for a status update
Great for buyer, seller and short sale transactions
Add time/date stamped notes
Add time/date stamped tasks
Assign tasks to any team member
Track percentage completion on every transaction
Grant permission rights to each document, note or task
Track important dates
Keep your entire team up to date on each transaction
Keep all closing parties up to date on each transaction
Online Document Storage

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