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MoreSolds Features

Web Capture Forms and Lead Router

In the business of real estate, you can never have too many leads. Today’s agents have a variety of ‘portals’ where they engage and interact with potential clients (prospects). Many agents generate leads via multiple stealth websites, blogs, etc.

With MoreSolds, you can use these vehicles to generate new leads. Get in direct contact with prospects who want to be contacted with more information on buying or selling, or who just need advice, free reports, etc.

With the LEADS section you can create forms that prospects fill out online. When a prospect fills out a form, they are automatically added to your MoreSolds database and to your LEADS section.

Assign Leads to Various Team Members

When a new lead arrives, MoreSolds automatically sends you an email alert – letting you know a new lead is in your database. With the click of a button, you can assign the new lead to any team member you wish. Your leads will never fall through the cracks again.

Automatically Assign Incoming Leads to a Drip Email Campaign

Increase your revenue by automatically assigning incoming leads to email campaigns. You can have an unlimited number of lead-capture forms, each with its own drip email campaign assigned. For example when buyer prospect signs up, you may decide to send them a series of emails over the next 8 weeks, explaining why you are their agent of choice when it comes to buying a home in your area. If you offer special reports, you can use this feature to send someone your report on 5 Facts About Short Sales – sent over the next 5 weeks. Once you set up the lead capture form, the system does the rest!

Lead Incubation

Since these prospects are of a more urgent nature, not only are the incoming leads added to your MoreSolds database, they also appear in a special LEADS incubation area. You, your administrator or one of your team members can follow up appropriately.

  • Seller Lead Forms – use this web capture form to capture information about sellers who are considering selling their home or want a home valuation.
  • Buyer Leads – use this web capture form to capture information about buyers who are considering purchasing.
  • Newsletter Signups – if you have the Realty Rave newsletter module, you can use the web capture form to auto-enroll folks who sign up to receive it monthly.
  • Campaign Signups – if you have the Email Campaigns module, you can offer free email reports and other emailed information to prospective clients. When a prospect fills out this form MoreSolds will auto-enroll in whatever email campaign you assign For example: 21 Tips You Should Know To Get Your Home Sold Fast and for Top Dollar or 9 Buyer Traps and How to Avoid Them. With Email Campaigns, there are many plans to choose from, including FSBO, Expires and more – or you can create your own.

Snapshot of Leads Features:

Easy-to-create web capture forms
Generate more money by tracking and converting more leads
Adding the form to your website is a simple cut and paste
Customize the color combinations of your lead capture forms
Name each form so you can easily track where your leads are coming from and which forms/sites are getting the most activity
Leads are automatically added to your MoreSolds database
Leads also appear in a special lead-incubation area
Easily assign a lead to any team member
Automatically enroll leads in drip email campaigns
Easily switch a lead to an active buyer, seller or a transaction

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